Scalable Maintenance Software with Unlimited Users and Storage

Collaborate across departments with unlimited users: Maintenance, Production, Quality Management, Procurement, Logistics, and Facility Management.


  • Web app for computer, tablet and smartphone

  • Task management

  • Object, fleet and asset management

  • QR codes

  • Downtime tracking

Most popular


  • Everything from Starter Package

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Spare parts and materials management

  • Acquisition of measured values for meter-based maintenance

  • Advanced evaluation


  • Everything from Professional package

  • API access for integrations

  • Multiple plant management
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2.0

  • Dedicated account manager

All features at a glance


Most popular



Work orders

Create and assign work orders

Create individual categories

Create suborders for work orders

Overview of all work orders

Real-time comments in the work orders

Filters and views for all tasks

Calendar view

Attaching photos, videos, voice recordings, and other formats to a work order

Interactive checklist

Recording of working time

Create and call templates

Global and local search function

Fault messages

Create and assign fault messages

Reporting point for all malfunctions

Templates for various fault messages

Global and local search function


Creating, archiving and deleting objects and sub-objects

Creating object groups

Enclose type plate and operating instructions

History and logbook of work orders

Configure operating plan

Generate and print QR codes

Deposit contractors, customer support or service providers

Document storage

Recording of downtimes and changes in condition

Reliability evaluation

Overview of all object activities

Filters and views for all objects

Global and local search function

Preventive maintenance

Periodic, cyclic and time-based maintenance

Meter based maintenance


Calendar view

Filters and views on all preventive maintenance

Maintenance history

Global and local search function

Spare parts and materials

Create spare part or material

Define spare part and material groups

Generate and print QR codes

Determine stand or storage location

Cost recording

Document storage

Notification when minimum stock is reached

Inventory and consumption history

Object assignment

Overview of all spare parts and materials

Filters and views on all spare parts and materials

Global and local search function


Create counter or measured values

Object assignment

Configuration of interval and tolerance ranges

Counter and measured value table

Link to preventive maintenance

External service providers

Create contractors, customer support and service providers

Deposit contact information

Filters and views for all contacts


Insight into all active and completed tasks

Evaluations according to different categories, objects, employees and teams

Insight into all previous downtimes

Reliability history of all objects

Evaluations according to object groups and individual objects

PDF export of the evaluations

Insights into spare parts and material consumption

.CSV export of working times

.CSV export of spare parts and material consumption/progression

Arbitrary filterable time periods


In-App Push



ERP and BI tools


IoT connectivity

Security, Management & Control

Unlimited storage of historical data

Different authorization levels

Create, delete and manage users

Create, delete and manage teams

Upload company logo

Time zone and currency configuration

Multiple site management

SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Voice assistant

Correction and improvement of the entered texts

Customer support

Access to training material



Data import

Dedicated customer support representative

Implementation and training

See onboarding process below

See onboarding process below

See onboarding process below

The most frequently asked questions from interested parties

To book a product presentation, you can reach us directly via our contact link or call us at +49 163 519 44 51.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial period where you can test our product extensively. Please contact us to set this up.

Yes, with Elara you can easily manage multiple sites.

Yes, Elara provides interfaces to common ERP systems and BI tools. In addition, we provide a well-documented REST API.

Yes, we are happy to assist you with the transition from your current system to Elara. A CSV export of your data from your current system is all we need for the import.

Your data is stored securely in the cloud, which is operated by Microsoft. Our servers are located in Frankfurt. Microsoft is a trusted partner that invests up to €1 billion a year in cybersecurity. You can find more information about security here. Using a cloud offers many advantages, you can read more here.

Our company is part of the robust and financially stable BEUMER Group. Regardless of this, you can export your data at any time. This way, we ensure that you always have full control over your data, even in unexpected situations. You can find more information about the BEUMER Group here.

The duration of the onboarding process with Elara varies and depends on several factors, such as the availability and collaboration of relevant team members. Some of our customers were productive with Elara after just 30 days, while others needed more time. On average, onboarding takes between 1 and 3 months.

There may be one-time costs for onboarding – described below. The license fees for the use of Elara are recurring costs that are incurred annually.

With Elara, you pay annually in advance.

For new customers, we offer a monthly cancellation option for the first year. If you decide to terminate our service, we will refund the money for the remaining months. In addition, all data entered will be exported and made available to you.