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Elara Digital GmbH

Elara is a B2B SaaS company based in Berlin.

A company with a clear mission

Our mission is to build the most innovative product for maintenance teams to turn know-how and intuition into data-driven insights.

In many industries, maintenance teams still rely on traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets or handwritten notes to record maintenance and repair work and related information. These practices may be tried and tested for their simplicity and speed, but they are not sustainable. They lead to unstructured teams, miscommunication on tasks, time-consuming information searches, frequent unplanned machine downtime and frustrated employees. The maintenance industry has been around since the 1980s, and the problems are old news. So why not use an existing solution? The reason is simple: the solutions currently available do not put the end user at the centre. They are characterised by complex user interfaces, lengthy training and high costs, leading to widespread rejection.

Our product challenges the status quo. It is innovative, easy to use and quickly operational. Customers like BEUMER Group, Adidas, FedEx, and other well-known companies are already benefiting from our great product.

Our Values & Principles

Modern and innovative maintenance software

Our founders, two mathematicians with experience at the Fraunhofer Institute, realized that conventional software solutions for maintenance were often too complex and cost-intensive, which led to rejection by many maintenance teams. Inspired by this realization and the needs of the industry, they developed a user-friendly and intuitive solution that can be operated without much cognitive effort.

Our software is designed specifically for maintenance needs and fits seamlessly into the daily work routine. We know that time and resources are scarce, so we aim to make our solution as simple and efficient as possible.

Elara - Return on Investment

Discover now how our solution can help you optimize the maintenance of your machines and minimize downtime.

What customers say about us

Elara simplifies internal communication immensely. Everything you need to know is in your pocket, so less is forgotten and deadlines are met.

Birk Wagner, Technical Manager at B-Plast2000 GmbH

Since we started using Elara, we have less paperwork and nothing is forgotten.

Nikolaus Schätzle, Production Manager at Gleason Cutting Tools GmbH

Thanks to Elara, we can track what mistakes have been made in the past and get away from the tedious paperwork.

Matthias Aust, Head of Maintenance at BEUMER Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Elara facilitates monitoring and coordination. In addition, all activities with operational objects can be documented in detail.

Jürgen Schneider, Occupational safety & quality management at Pracht Industry GmbH

Elara allows us to track who did what and when. This makes all processes in general more transparent and we no longer have to create Excel spreadsheets for every little thing.

Niklas Schmitt, Assistant to the plant management at CWS Powder Coatings GmbH

If there are breakdowns, we have introduced processes with Elara so that replacements can step in and operate a plant. In addition, we now have a central database and no more scattered data on maintenance, spare parts, etc.

Thore Thöle, Head of production at AqVida GmbH

Notes lying around, Excel lists, confusion; Elara got a handle on all of that for us.

Carsten Kempka, Head of Production at Detmers Getreide-Vollwertkost GmbH

Elara solves problems for us that accumulated in the past primarily in the areas of organization, management of objects and clarity. Now we have everything brought together in one place.

Marcel Reintjes, Head of Maintenance at Biologische Naturverpackungen GmbH & Co. KG

Maintenance of all kinds, as well as work on machines, can be perfectly organized by Elara.

Carsten Natzan, Construction and maintenance at Natzan Packaging GmbH

The organization of work through Elara facilitates a lot and through the logbook it is also possible to track what work was done in the past, when and by whom.

Luca Sluiter, Deputy Maintenance Manager at TUBE-TEC Rohrverformungstechnik GmbH

Thanks to Elara’s clarity, operational orders are processed in full and tasks relating to production can be created and processed down to the last detail.

Kristoffer Rahe, Technical Manager / CTO at Kunststoffwerk Lahr GmbH

The general technical condition of our facilities has improved since we started using Elara. No more maintenance or the like is forgotten because communication is facilitated.

Andreas Grabmayer, Assistant to the management at Zerzog GmbH & Co. KG

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