The Team behind Elara

About us

Elara Digital GmbH is a strategic partner and part of the BEUMER Group, a leading provider of intralogistics solutions. Numerous maintenance teams from more than 100 customers rely on our product.

Our mission is to help maintenance teams easily collect, generate, and organize machine information and turn it into valuable knowledge to avoid machine breakdowns and reduce errors. We proudly offer a product that allows you to manage all your machines efficiently and easily, regardless of manufacturer.

Discover now how our solution can help you optimize the maintenance of your machines and minimize downtime.

Modern and innovative maintenance software

Our founders, two mathematicians with experience at the Fraunhofer Institute, realized that conventional software solutions for maintenance were often too complex and cost-intensive, which led to rejection by many teams. Inspired by this realization and the needs of the industry, they developed a user-friendly and intuitive solution that can be operated without much cognitive effort.

Our software is designed specifically for maintenance needs and fits seamlessly into the daily work routine. We know that time and resources are scarce, so we aim to make our solution as simple and efficient as possible.

Discover how Elara can streamline your maintenance processes and help you reduce costs and maximize asset availability. Our team is happy to support you with implementation and training to ensure you get the most out of our software.


Akram Alraai

Co-Founder / CEO

Dominik Adamowski

Co-Founder / CTO

Dr. Sascha Timme

Head of Engineering


Robert Bach

Managing Director,
Beam GmbH

Jesper Bang-Olsen

Head of Venture Development,
Beam GmbH

Dr. Christoph Beumer

CEO & Owner,

Norbert Stemich

BEUMER Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG