Immediately fully functional for productive use

No external consultants or months of integration times – our software is designed in such a way that you can get started right away, with or without our help.

Spend Less Time

Only 1 – 2 hours per team for the entire onboarding process

Extensive Training

Collection and training for each employee on the digitization process


Ongoing support and software updates after onboarding

Here’s how we do it

1. Creating the Structure

From being clear about how the structure is at your plant, which locations are you present in? How is production interrelated? Which assets are usually under maintenance? Overall, what is the complexity of your sites, departments and machines? From this we can create a complex overview for each employee in Elara.

2. Onboard Employees

In Elara, each employee would have their own login credential. The more employees use the software, the better the task coordination can happen. In case of new tasks, each user can be notified individually and reminded, if desired.

3. Knowledge Gathering

The start is usually made with the entry of common maintenance, checklists and the creation of templates. Step by step, all business-critical processes can be mapped in the software. Improvements can then be entered in templates and knowledge is aggregated across all store floors in the software.