Mathias Werther, Head of Production, and Ralf Kreutz, Head of Toolmaking, from Rieke Germany GmbH, take part in the interview. The interview was conducted by Akram Alraai, Managing Director of Elara Digital GmbH. In the following, the names are replaced by the company names.

Elara Digital GmbH:  What fascinated you most about our product? What convinced you of our product?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  There are some functions that fascinate us a lot about Elara. This includes bundling and archiving company knowledge, simplifying workflows and processes, actively participating in development, implementing operating instructions and additional information, following the path of archive cabinets and specifying procedural instructions for machine and tool construction.

Elara Digital GmbH:  How would you describe Elara in a few sentences?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  Versatile knowledge database and optimization of processes.

Elara Digital GmbH:  What problems did you want to solve with Elara and why?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  A big problem for us was that many things were documented, but each department has its own archive. It was therefore complicated and time-consuming for other departments to find those things. We also wanted to make processes more effective and be able to store images and background knowledge. We also wanted to solve the problem of bundled folder structures.

Elara Digital GmbH:  How good is Elara at solving these problems?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  It’s getting better and better. Initially, production and maintenance were started and now every area is being explored and processes are being mapped. After employees have been trained, the fruits of the process will soon come to fruition. The program grows with the knowledge of the employees and does not stop growing.

Elara Digital GmbH:  How has the use of Elara affected the teamwork in your company?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  Elara has changed teamwork. The processes are different now. Everyone has to deal with the program. Paper is eliminated and Excel is used less. Process chains are started from quality assurance through setters to toolmaking, maintenance and production in order to get to the bottom of errors and to be able to work on the cause.

Elara Digital GmbH:  What results have you noticed from using our product?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  Recurring problems have been fixed, such as tracing back what I or someone else did. Also things are more visible now. The wheel does not have to be reinvented three times.

Elara Digital GmbH:  Which functions were important to you when you looked around for a software solution?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  Pure documentation of all processes and conversion instructions with pictures for each newly created system were important to us. It was also important that certain things that were previously separate, such as injection molding machines and tooling, are linked. We also wanted to bring issues that are linked together into focus.

Elara Digital GmbH:  Why did you choose Elara?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  We chose Elara because everyone can get on board without any problems.

Elara Digital GmbH:  How do you use Elara in your daily work and how do your colleagues and employees do it? Can you please describe a typical day?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  The fitters are brought into the tools. The machines are set up and made to run. If there are other requirements to work with, tasks would be more likely to be generated because an error was encountered. Elara is configured so that every department can work with it and then it comes to QA (running control, measurement technician), injection molding (setters, machine operators), toolmaking, maintenance, logistics, work preparation and IT.

Elara Digital GmbH:  If you were to recommend Elara to someone, which aspects would you highlight?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  Definitely the flexibility, since Elara can be used for all areas. With Elara, a complete plant can be managed and all processes can be integrated. I would particularly emphasize the uncomplicated integration of processes, checklists, template creation, instructions. It’s self-explanatory how it works.

Elara Digital GmbH:  Can you describe how you worked before Elara (you and your teams) and how you work with Elara now?

Rieke Germany GmbH:  The cooperation was difficult. Information was stored in different places. The setters caused many mistakes in production. You had to follow up on mistakes because information wasn’t in one place. Now information is in one place and understandable for everyone. The fitter used to have to fill out three different pieces of information at three different points. We used to use Excel for tool repairs. Everyone was asked to list their repairs. Before that, a lot happened on acclamation and people called in from left and right. Now it has become common to document in Elara.